Biobased Eppendorf Tubes made with 90 % biobased plastic

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the perception and purchasing decision of customers looking for laboratory consumables.
The Eppendorf TubesĀ® BioBased with screw caps in volumes of 5.0 to 50 mL reduce significantly the product-related carbon footprint.
These tubes are of 90 % biobased plastic, and represent Eppendorf's serious attempt to decouple single-use consumables from the usage of fossil resources.

Tues are sterile, pyrogen-, DNase-, RNase-, human and bacterial DNA-free, colorless

Qty Price UnitItemCat# Mfg#
$102.00 200/PKBiobased Eppendorf Tubes 5ml Screw Cap 200/csLBR00301225180030122518
$267.00 500/PKBiobased Eppendorf Tubes 15ml Screw Cap 500/csLBR00301225260030122526
$119.00 200/PKBiobased Eppendorf Tubes 25ml Screw Cap 200/csLBR00301225340030122534
$334.00 500/PKBiobased Eppendorf Tubes 50ml Screw Cap 500/csLBR00301225420030122542