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Sartobind® Lab Membrane Adsorbers for biomolecule purification

Sartobind® Lab are membrane adsorbers for biomolecule purification in R&D laboratories. Conventional resin-based chromatography columns have limited flow rates and binding capacities, especially for larger molecules. They also demand the use of complicated and expensive FPLC systems, additional preparation steps and scale up for biopharmaceutical manufacturing is difficult.

The following is a list of benefits of using the new Sartobind® products.

Fewer preparative steps
Greatly reduced cycle times
Achieve higher yields in less time
Purify equipment-free or with an FPLC system

Product Data Sheet

Qty Price UnitItemCat# Mfg#
$16.60 EAAdapter female Luer fittingsLSAT1700214017002140
$57.20 EAAdapter UNF 10-32 female to Luer femaleLSAT1ZA00051ZA0005
$284.00 EASartobind® Lab Affinity membrane adsorber, IDA 75, 2/pkLSAT93IDA42DB12V93IDA42DB12V
$599.00 EASartobind® Lab Affinity membrane adsorber, Protein A, 4/pkLSAT93PRAP06HB12A93PRAP06HB12A
$240.00 EASartobind® Lab IEX membrane adsorber, D 75, 2/pkLSAT93IEXD42DB12V93IEXD42DB12V
$315.00 EASartobind® Lab IEX membrane adsorber, Q 100LSAT93IEXQ42BC1293IEXQ42BC12
$167.00 EASartobind® Lab IEX membrane adsorber, Q 15, 4/pkLSAT93IEXQ42GB12A93IEXQ42GB12A
$240.00 EASartobind® Lab IEX membrane adsorber, Q 75, 2/pkLSAT93IEXQ42DB12V93IEXQ42DB12V
$167.00 EASartobind® Lab IEX membrane adsorber, S 15, 4/pkLSAT93IEXS42GB12A93IEXS42GB12A
$240.00 EASartobind® Lab IEX membrane adsorber, S 75, 2/pkLSAT93IEXS42DB12V93IEXS42DB12V
$315.00 EASartobind® Lab IEX membrane adsorber, S 100, 1 pcLSAT93IEXS42BC1293IEXS42BC12