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NeoDisher Liquid FLA Detergent 5L

These powder and liquid detergents provide consistent, high level cleanliness in Miele glassware washing systems. Ideal for the removal of organic, inorganic, and metal residues from laboratory glassware and medical and dental instruments in many industries, including cosmetic, wastewater, environmental, biotech, and food.

Detergents FA and MA are for the removal of creams and lotions, cleaning stainless steel, and washing dental instruments. Detergents FT and F are for the removal of inks. Detergent FT, as well as GK, is also used for cell and tissue culture residues. Detergent FLA works well with wastewater, food, environmental, educational, and chemical applications. Detergent A8 is suited for generalized cleaning; detergent LA removes fats, oils, and waxes in food applications; and detergent UW is suitable for trace metal removal from glassware. Neutralizing agent N is composed of phosphoric and organic acids, while agent Z is composed only of organic acids. Both are meant to be dispensed into the rinse water after the use of alkaline-based detergents.

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$225.00 EANeoDisher Liquid FLA Detergent 5LLVW62111-856US496933