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Pro Quatro Handheld multimeter and accessories

The ProQuatro handheld multiparameter meter measures a variety of combinations of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, ORP, pH/ORP combination, ammonium (ammonia), nitrate, chloride and temperature. Also a very powerful lab instrument for BODs, pH and ORP.

EPA approved for drinking water and wastewater compliance reporting.

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Qty Price UnitItemCat# Mfg# Specs...
$900.00 EA30-m cable for DO/Cond/temperatureLYS6052030-306052030-30
$345.00 EACond/Temp 1-meter cable assemblyLYS60530-160530-1
$355.00 EACond/Temp 4-meter cable assemblyLYS60530-460530-4
$419.00 EACond/Temp 10-meter cable assemblyLYS60530-1060530-10
$586.00 EACond/Temp 30-meter cable assemblyLYS60530-3060530-30
$663.00 EADO/Cond/Temp 1-meter cable assemblyLYS6052030-16052030-1
$680.00 EADO/Cond/Temp 4-meter cable assemblyLYS6052030-46052030-4
$737.00 EADO/Cond/Temp 10-meter cable assemblyLYS6052030-106052030-10
$795.00 EADO/Cond/Temp 20-meter cable assemblyLYS6052030-206052030-20
$601.00 EADO/ISE/Temp 1-meter cable assemblyLYS6051020-16051020-1
$622.00 EADO/ISE/Temp 4-meter cable assemblyLYS6051020-46051020-4
$680.00 EADO/ISE/Temp 10-meter cable assemblyLYS6051020-106051020-10
$779.00 EADO/ISE/Temp 20-meter cable assemblyLYS6051020-206051020-20
$904.00 EADO/ISE/Temp 30-meter cable assemblyLYS6051020-306051020-30
$262.00 EADO/Temp 1-meter cable assemblyLYS60520-160520-1
$278.00 EADO/Temp 4-meter cable assemblyLYS60520-460520-4
$330.00 EADO/Temp 10-meter cable assemblyLYS60520-1060520-10
$393.00 EADO/Temp 20-meter cable assemblyLYS60520-2060520-20
$497.00 EADO/Temp 30-meter cable assemblyLYS60520-3060520-30
$785.00 EADO/Temp 100-meter cable assemblyLYS60520-10060520-100
$755.00 EADO/Temp 115V stirring BOD probe with 1-meter cable assemblyLYS605780605780
$601.00 EADual ISE/Temp 1-meter cable assemblyLYS6051010-16051010-1
$611.00 EADual ISE/Temp 4-meter cable assemblyLYS6051010-46051010-4
$663.00 EADual ISE/Temp 10-meter cable assemblyLYS6051010-106051010-10
$779.00 EADual ISE/Temp 20-meter cable assemblyLYS6051010-206051010-20
$889.00 EADual ISE/Temp 30-meter cable assemblyLYS6051010-306051010-30
$499.00 EAISE/Cond/Temp 1-meter cable assemblyLYS6051030-16051030-1
$518.00 EAISE/Cond/Temp 4-meter cable assemblyLYS6051030-46051030-4
$565.00 EAISE/Cond/Temp 10-meter cable assemblyLYS6051030-106051030-10
$628.00 EAISE/Cond/Temp 20-meter cable assemblyLYS6051030-206051030-20
$758.00 EAISE/Cond/Temp 30-meter cable assemblyLYS6051030-306051030-30
$281.00 EAISE/Temp 1-meter cable assemblyLYS60510-160510-1
$281.00 EAISE/Temp 4-meter cable assemblyLYS60510-460510-4
$327.00 EAISE/Temp 10-meter cable assemblyLYS60510-1060510-10
$393.00 EAISE/Temp 20-meter cable assemblyLYS60510-2060510-20
$505.00 EAISE/Temp 30-meter field assemblyLYS60510-3060510-30
$210.00 EAORP/Temp single junction combination electrode with 1-meter cable w/MS connectorLYS605108605108
$250.00 EAORP/Temp single junction combination electrode with 4-meter cable w/MS connectorLYS605178605178
$319.00 EApH/ORP/Temp single junction combination electrode with 1-meter cable w/MS connectorLYS605109605109
$340.00 EApH/ORP/Temp single junction combination electrode with 4-meter cable w/MS connectorLYS605179605179
$199.00 EApH/Temp single junction combination electrode with 1-meter cable w/MS connectorLYS605107605107
$210.00 EApH/Temp. Probe with 4m cableLYS605177605177
$1,140.00 EAPro Quatro HandheldLYS606950606950
$1,439.00 EAQuatro - Dual ISE/Cond/DO/Temp cable assyLYS605790-1605790-1
$1,653.00 EAQuatro - Dual ISE/Cond/DO/Temp cable assyLYS605790-20605790-20
$1,794.00 EAQuatro - Dual ISE/Cond/DO/Temp cable assyLYS605790-30605790-30
$1,474.00 EAQuatro - Dual ISE/Cond/DO/Temp cable assyLYS605790-4605790-4
$1,536.00 EAYSI Pro Plus Quatro Cable 10M for Dual ISE/Conductivity/Dissolved OxygenLYS605790-10605790-10Includes: Condutivity/Temp Sensor »Other Probes: Order separately