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Polypropylene Snap Caps for 11mm Vials

Caps may be snapped on and off by hand which eliminates the need for metal crimping and decapping tools, thus reducing potential hazard due to sharp aluminum metal edges. Large opening top provides a greater target area for needle penetration. Linerless Snap Top Caps™ are available with or without starburst. Starburst allows for easy needle penetration. Snap Caps are color coded for easy sample identification. Caps can also be used on 12x32 mm Snap Seal™ vials.

Qty Price UnitItemCat# Mfg# Septum MaterialColor
$10.50 100/PK11mm Blue Snap Cap Seal w/StarburstLABB5200SB-11B5200SB-11BBlue
$84.00 1000/CS 
$24.21 100/PK11mm Blue Snap Cap, 10mil PTFELABB5210-11B5210-11BPTFEBlue
$193.71 1000/CS 
$30.18 100/PK11mm Blue Snap Cap, PTFE/Butyl RubberLABB5240-11B5240-11BBlue
$241.43 1000/CS 
$34.43 100/PK11mm Blue Snap Cap, PTFE/SiliconeLABB5250-11B5250-11BBlue
$275.43 1000/CS 
$41.96 100/PK11mm Blue Snap Cap, PTFE/Silicone/PTFELABB5260-11B5260-11BBlue
$335.71 1000/CS 
$45.00 EA11mm Blue Snap Top Cap, 1mm Thick Polyimide/Silicone Lined for PFAS TestingLABB5230-11B5230-11B
$330.00 1000/CS 
$9.25 100/PK11mm Clear Snap Cap Seal w/ molded SeptumLABB5200-115200-11Clear
$74.00 1000/CS 
$9.29 100/PK11mm Clear Snap Cap Seal w/StarburstLABB5200SB-115200SB-11Clear
$74.29 1000/CS 
$23.21 100/PK11mm Clear Snap Cap, 10mil PTFELABB5210-115210-11Clear
$185.71 1000/CS 
$52.50 100/PK11mm Clear Snap Cap, 10mil PTFE w/StarburstLABB5282-115282-11Clear
$420.00 1000/CS 
$29.43 100/PK11mm Clear Snap Cap, PTFE/Butyl RubberLABB5240-115240-11Clear
$235.43 1000/CS 
$66.57 100/PK11mm Clear Snap Cap, PTFE/Silicone w/StarburstLABB5281-115281-11Clear
$532.57 1000/CS 
$41.14 100/PK11mm Clear Snap Cap, PTFE/Silicone/PTFELABB5260-115260-11Clear
$329.14 1000/CS 
$62.68 100/PK11mm Gray Snap Cap, PTFE/Silicone w/CrossLABB5275-11GY5275-11GY
$501.43 1000/CS 
$10.50 100/PK11mm Green Snap Cap Seal w/StarburstLABB5200SB-11G5200SB-11GGreen
$84.00 1000/CS 
$24.21 100/PK11mm Green Snap Cap, 10mil PTFELABB5210-11G5210-11GGreen
$193.71 1000/CS 
$30.18 100/PK11mm Green Snap Cap, PTFE/Butyl RubberLABB5240-11G5240-11GGreen
$241.43 1000/CS 
$41.96 100/PK11mm Green Snap Cap, PTFE/Silicone/PTFELABB5260-11G5260-11GGreen
$335.71 1000/CS 
$23.21 100/PK11mm PE Snap Cap for Shimadzu, 10mil PTFELABB5610-115610-11
$185.71 1000/CS 
$23.79 100/PK11mm PP Snap Cap, 10mil PTFELABB5210-11PP5210-11PP
$190.29 1000/CS 
$10.50 100/PK11mm Red Snap Cap Seal w/StarburstLABB5200SB-11R5200SB-11RRed
$84.00 1000/CS 
$24.21 100/PK11mm Red Snap Cap, 10mil PTFELABB5210-11R5210-11RRed
$193.71 1000/CS 
$30.18 100/PK11mm Red Snap Cap, PTFE/Butyl RubberLABB5240-11R5240-11RRed
$241.43 1000/CS 
$41.96 100/PK11mm Red Snap Cap, PTFE/Silicone/PTFELABB5260-11R5260-11RRed
$335.71 1000/CS 
$85.93 100/PK11mm Snap Cap, PTFE/Silicone/PTFE w/StarburstLABB5280-115280-11Clear
$687.43 1000/CS 
$10.50 100/PK11mm Yellow Snap Cap Seal w/StarburstLABB5200SB-11Y5200SB-11YYellow
$84.00 1000/CS 
$24.21 100/PK11mm Yellow Snap Cap, 10mil PTFELABB5210-11Y5210-11YYellow
$193.71 1000/CS 
$30.18 100/PK11mm Yellow Snap Cap, PTFE/Butyl RubberLABB5240-11Y5240-11YYellow
$241.43 1000/CS 
$41.96 100/PK11mm Yellow Snap Cap, PTFE/Silicone/PTFELABB5260-11Y5260-11YYellow
$335.71 1000/CS