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Solaris 18x18 Univ. platform

The Solaris orbital shakers full-color touchscreen display is an advanced user interface that is easy to read and simple to operate. This allows a clear view of speed and runtimes concurrently, even from a distance. It also offers graphing capabilities and historical monitoring of alerts, alarms and interaction logs to provide greater security and reproducibility.
With Solaris Orbital shakers customers can build and store up to 99 unique routines and set points with full stepwise programmability, providing efficiency to help save time while optimizing shaker resources
Enhanced quality and reliability help provide customers with confidence in the Solaris orbital shakers. Our triple eccentric drive mechanism is built upon proven technology to easily support heavy loads. The belt is maintenance-free and engineered to last the life of the shaker. Solaris shakers come with a 2-year warranty on labor, 5-year warranty on parts, and full 10-year warranty on the drive mechanism.

Product Brochure

Speed Range15-525 rpm
Orbit1 inch
Operating Conditions 5°C to +40°C

Qty Price UnitItemCat# Mfg#
$385.00 EASolaris 18x18 Univ. platformLINSK1818SK1818