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Get an Lovibond Chlorine Colorimeter for FREE

Get a free colorimeter and enjoy the benefits of Lovibond® Water Analysis Reagents

The Free MD 100 Calorimeter features:
• Easy to read, backlit display
• Automatic data storage
• Lightweight
• t floats!
• Integrated light shield
• Rugged, waterproof casing

Lovibond Reagent Features:

• Cut Cost - Save up to 15% by switching to Lovibond® Reagents.
• Easy to Handle - Our powder packs are 37% larger than the competition, which makes them much easier to handle - especially when wearing gloves!
• Easy to Open - We have a defined “easy-open” notch that makes it simple to open the individual foil packs - no need for scissors!
• Easy to Dispense and Pour - Our powder packs easily create a “V” to allow the user to pour the reagent into the sample.

How to Get an MD 100 Chlorine Colorimeter for FREE!

1. Purchase 2000 DPD tests from any authorized Lovibond® distributor
2. Email your rebate form with proof of purchase
3. Your colorimeter will be shipped directly to you.

Rebate Form
Municipal Product Guide

Qty Price UnitItemCat# Mfg#
$19.90 100/PKDPD FREE CHLORINE 10ml REAGENT POWDER PACK (100 Tests)LOB530100530100
$170.50 1000/PKDPD FREE CHLORINE 10ml REAGENT POWDER PACK (1000 Tests)LOB530103530103
$19.90 100/PKDPD TOTAL CHLORINE 10ml REAGENT POWDER PACK ( 100 Tests)LOB530120530120
$170.50 1000/PKDPD TOTAL CHLORINE 10ml REAGENT POWDER PACK (1000 Tests)LOB530123530123