Benchtop Instrument Promotion

BenchPress promo valid from 6/1/19 to 9/30/19

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Qty Price UnitItemCat# Mfg#
$9,995.00 eaBioClave 28 Research Autoclave 220VB4000-28-220-BP2.19B4000-28-220-BP2.19
$5,695.00 eaCO2 Incubator, 45L, 115V with two shelvesH3550-45-BP2.19H3550-45-BP2.19
$2,895.00 eaIncu-Shaker Mini with flat mat platform 120VH1001-M-BP2.19H1001-M-BP2.19
$8,495.00 eaIncu-Shaker™ Mini CO2 with non slip rubber mat, 115VH3501-BP2.19H3501-BP2.19
$2,035.00 eaMC-24 Microcentrifuge with Combi-Rotor and Free 5ml and Cryotube RotorC2417-KIT-BP2.19C2417-KIT-BP2.19
$2,495.00 eaMultiTherm™ Shaker with heating and cooling, 115VH5000-HC-BP2.19H5000-HC-BP2.19
$1,895.00 eaMultiTherm™ Shaker with heating only, 115VH5000-H-BP2.19H5000-H-BP2.19
$669.00 eaRoto-Therm™ Plus Incubated Rotator (variable speed) with tube holders, 115VH2024-BP2.19H2024-BP2.19
$7,595.00 eaST-180 CO2 Incubator, 180L, 115V with three shelvesH3550-180-BP2.19H3550-180-BP2.19
$10,579.00 eaST-180 PLUS CO2 Incubator, 180L, 115V with three shelvesH3551-180P-BP2.19H3551-180P-BP2.19
$8,235.00 eaST-45 PLUS CO2 Incubator, 45L, 115V with two shelvesH3551-45P-BP2.19H3551-45P-BP2.19
$4,695.00 eaZ216MK Microcentrifuge with 24 Place 1.5/2.0ml Tube RotorZ216-K-BND24-BP2.19Z216-K-BND24-BP2.19
$4,995.00 eaZ216MK Microcentrifuge with 44 Place 1.5/2.0ml Tube RotorZ216-K-BND44-BP2.19Z216-K-BND44-BP2.19
$5,495.00 eaZ216MK Microcentrifuge with Combi-RotorZ216-K-CMB-BP2.19Z216-K-CMB-BP2.19
$11,495.00 eaZ4466 High Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge Cell Culture PackageZ446-K-BND-BP2.19Z446-K-BND-BP2.19
$11,995.00 eaZ4466 High Capacity Refrigerated Microplate PackageZ446-K-MPBND-BP2.19Z446-K-MPBND-BP2.19