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Wilkem Scientific - Think Pink in October !

Join us in THINK PINK the entire month of October, and together we can make a difference. During the month of October, simply purchase any products from the laboratory research consumables range, and Cytiva will donate $1 per pack to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Pick from trusted brands like Amersham™, Sera-Mag Select™, Whatman™ & MabSelect™. Your support in 2019 helped raise $121 000. This year’s goal aims even higher. Together, our 2020 is to raise $175 000 for the BCRF. Research is improving care every day and producing better outcomes to transform lives. Cytiva’s laboratory and research consumables are used in labs around the world. Help us continue to support the BCRF’s mission to fund critical work in areas from cancer research to development of therapeutics. Learn more about the progress and impact BCRF is having on breast cancer research at: www.bcrf.org Learn more at about Cytiva Think Pink program use this link https://www.cytivalifesciences.com/en/us/solutions/lab-filtration/applications/whatman-think-pink For help in selecting the right Captiva Whatman brand filter for your appllication Click here to select a filter type
Wilkem Scientific - CALLING ALL LEGO® ENTHUSIASTS! Brick or Treat Promotion

Halloween LEGO promotion starts on Monday, October 5, 2020 and runs through October 31, 2020.
PROMOTION DETAILS: Choose 1 of 3 offers – Buy 3 cases of CELLTREAT products, get 1 super cute plush puppy FREE OR Want all 3 puppies? Buy 7 cases of CELLTREAT products, get the full set of 3 puppies FREE OR Buy 3 cases of CELLTREAT products, get 1 case FREE (Customers can Mix & Match!) Promotion valid on purchases made between September 8, 2020 and September 30, 2020 – Promotion forms must be submitted by October 15, 2020 Limit 6 free cases and/or 6 free puppies per lab (BONUS - Double the usual number of free cases/goodies!)
Wilkem Scientific - Accurate IR Temperature Scanning, Mask and Face Recognition Technology Safe Space Scan Products

Affordable Non-Contact Automatic Body Infrared Temperature Detection Scanner with Mask Spotting Compliance Feature Safe Space ScannerTM verifies that people entering your environment do not have a fever. By using this non-contact automatic body temperature detection technology, your patrons will feel secure. A must have for reopening your business and maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Click here to watch a video of Safe Space Scan Products Click here to view the single person scanner Click here to view the four person scanner Click here to view the ten person scanner Click here to view the wall mount scanner Click here to view the Safe Space Scan Accessories Click here to view the Safe Space Scan Software
Get an Lovibond Chlorine Colorimeter for FREE

Get a free colorimeter and enjoy the benefits of Lovibond® Water Analysis Reagents The Free MD 100 Calorimeter features: • Easy to read, backlit display • Automatic data storage • Lightweight • t floats! • Integrated light shield • Rugged, waterproof casing Lovibond Reagent Features: • Cut Cost - Save up to 15% by switching to Lovibond® Reagents. • Easy to Handle - Our powder packs are 37% larger than the competition, which makes them much easier to handle - especially when wearing gloves! • Easy to Open - We have a defined “easy-open” notch that makes it simple to open the individual foil packs - no need for scissors! • Easy to Dispense and Pour - Our powder packs easily create a “V” to allow the user to pour the reagent into the sample. How to Get an MD 100 Chlorine Colorimeter for FREE! 1. Purchase 2000 DPD tests from any authorized Lovibond® distributor 2. Email your rebate form with proof of purchase 3. Your colorimeter will be shipped directly to you.
Wilkem Scientific - Must Have! Chemicals, Life Science Reagents and Consumables Promo 2020

Download the Promo Flyer to access hundreds of Solvents, Chemicals, Buffers, Life Science reagents and consumables at great savings!