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Hand Sanitizer Buy one get one Free!

10L and 20L Cubitainer sizes available for easy bulk-dispensing Ideal for refilling existing pump bottles and reducing plastic waste Now through October 1, 2020 Buy 1 Get 1 Free for 10L and 20L cubitainers of Hand Sanitizer
Wilkem Scientific - UV Wand Personal Sanitizer

Bio•Wand™ uses UV light (265 to 280nm) to disinfect any object/surface in the lab and beyond. Bio•Wand™ can be set for a standard one-minute cleaning cycle or a more intense three-minute cycle. Simply press the power/start button and hold the light 1-2 inches from the surface and slowly move it over the entire target area. Allow the UV light to shine on the desired area for 5 to 10 seconds to ensure optimum exposure. The Bio•Wand™ provides 2 hours of operating time and includes a USB-C cable for charging and portability.
Get an Lovibond Chlorine Colorimeter for FREE

Get a free colorimeter and enjoy the benefits of Lovibond® Water Analysis Reagents The Free MD 100 Calorimeter features: • Easy to read, backlit display • Automatic data storage • Lightweight • t floats! • Integrated light shield • Rugged, waterproof casing Lovibond Reagent Features: • Cut Cost - Save up to 15% by switching to Lovibond® Reagents. • Easy to Handle - Our powder packs are 37% larger than the competition, which makes them much easier to handle - especially when wearing gloves! • Easy to Open - We have a defined “easy-open” notch that makes it simple to open the individual foil packs - no need for scissors! • Easy to Dispense and Pour - Our powder packs easily create a “V” to allow the user to pour the reagent into the sample. How to Get an MD 100 Chlorine Colorimeter for FREE! 1. Purchase 2000 DPD tests from any authorized Lovibond® distributor 2. Email your rebate form with proof of purchase 3. Your colorimeter will be shipped directly to you.
Wilkem Scientific - Essential Laboratory Products Promotion has been extended Essential Laboratory Products Promotion

We have extended our most popular promotion until October of 2020! Ready for you during the re-opening of your lab.
Wilkem Scientific - PUPPIES ARE BACK!

Starts Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 and runs through Wednesday, September 30th, 2020.
PROMOTION DETAILS: Choose 1 of 3 offers – Buy 3 cases of CELLTREAT products, get 1 super cute plush puppy FREE OR Want all 3 puppies? Buy 7 cases of CELLTREAT products, get the full set of 3 puppies FREE OR Buy 3 cases of CELLTREAT products, get 1 case FREE (Customers can Mix & Match!) Promotion valid on purchases made between September 8, 2020 and September 30, 2020 – Promotion forms must be submitted by October 15, 2020 Limit 6 free cases and/or 6 free puppies per lab (BONUS - Double the usual number of free cases/goodies!)