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Lovibond - XD 7000 and XD 7500 Spectrophotometers Spectrophotometer for Water Analysis UV-Visible Range XD 7500 120V

The XD 7000 (VIS) and XD 7500 (UV-VIS) will provide users with the full range of functions that is required from a spectrophotometer: • Measurement of transmission and absorbance • Scanning of spectral data • Recording of kinetic measurements • Creation of measuring methods based on up to ten wavelengths with various mathematical operations. All currently available colorimetric test methods from Lovibond® Tintometer® are integrated into the system. Features & Benefits: Pre-programmed methods for over 150 water quality parameters and ranges • Automatic Test Recognition saves time and eliminates errors • Method support and assistance • Automatic cuvette type detection Intuitive Interface • Easy-to-read, full-color display with softkeys and integrated keyboard • Output to PCL-3 compatible printer, USB or Ethernet connection • Software and new method upload via USB or PC connection • Flexibility to add up to 100 user defined methods User Security for Data Protection • Create up to 3 different user levels with password protection. • Create user accounts and assign a level of access to ensure users only have access to what they need • Support of analytical quality assurance procedures include the ability to set tolerances and reminders for calibration protocols.
Wilkem Scientific - Free Electrode Promotion 2018 End of Year - Free Electrode with meter purchase

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